Jack Brennan


I am a Brisbane based aspiring Front-End Developer/UX-UI Designer.

I am currently appraching the end of my degree in Web Design and am eager to learn how to adapt this knowledge into a work environment, coming from rural Queensland I found my passion for building websites in high school quite early and moved to Brisbane to study and pursue that passion.


Projects I worked on


I have been involved in the development of a mobile application project called Unify, Unify handles student assessment data from universities and displays this data in an easy to use mobile format. After studying at SAE and talking to other students studying at other universities it is apparent that the platforms that show student data are hard to use and overall designed poorly. Unify aims to not take over these platforms, but to work alongside them so that a student has an easier and more enjoyable experience organising assessment and exams.

The project wasn’t to develop and code the app but come up with the overall design and create a very detailed prototype of it using Adobe XD.

White Peak Digital

Late 2019 after graduating, my fellow university graduate and good friend Jackson Gartner and I decided to combine both of our Freelance work under one business name, since then White Peak Digital was born. 

I was involved in the design and development of the website and have been doing freelance under this name since January 2020.

Essentia Coaching

Essentia Coaching is a business consulting start-up that approached a group member and myself to make their website for a university assessment.

My partner and I decided to go with a one page layout and used WordPress for easy integration and maintenance throughout, we also planned to build a blog template so that they can write successful case studies themselves, publish them and have the template style it automatically for convenience for the customer.

Miriam Vale Hotel

Miriam Vale Hotel is a small bar located 1 hour south of Gladstone in the small town of Miriam Vale. The clients had a website made for them when they started the business to put their brand online, but over the years it was difficult to keep the website up to date with new menus being added and events being held the owners couldn’t edit this information easily.

The purpose of the new website is to make this process easier for the client, as well as modernise their website so that the user gets a better idea of what type of hotel it is. After this process, we were tasked to do A/B testing and some other marketing schemes to establish the brand’s online connection. 

My Skills

I am very happy with what i have learned over the years at University but I wouldn’t be the developer I am today if it wasn’t for the Freelance work I have done, learning how to sell yourself is a very fundamental thing when it comes to business, I am very lucky to have learned this skill early on and I strive to improve everyday.


I have been using WordPress for over 2 years with University and for my own Freelance, I use a page builder called Elementor for all of my sites because of its easy to use functionality.


I am very comfortable with HTML/CSS (as everyone should) but I also have a background in PHP and JavaScript.


I also have a background in Graphic Design so I am very comfortable with Photoshop, I understand how to sell a website and how to capitalise on user centred design.